In this sermon, Pastor Neil begins a series on our need for wisdom and where to find wisdom, a timely topic given the problems that confront us today. Here are some excerpts:

Do You Need Wisdom in Your Life?

… Do you need wisdom in your life? I sure do! Now, for sure, but not just in trying times like these when we find ourselves in uncharted territory as is the case today. Today we are dealing with a pandemic caused by an invisible enemy, an economy that is on life-support, rules and guidelines for social distancing, and uncertainty about exactly how to protect the vulnerable and restore a sense of normalcy to life…

The Need

[O]ur need for wisdom as individuals and families and communities, as a church and as a nation, seems as acute as it ever has been. There is never a time when we are not in need of wisdom. But it seems especially true now. We stand in need of wisdom and courage and grace for the living of these days and for the facing of this particular hour in our lives and history..

Wisdom and How You Live

Wisdom has more to do with how you live than how much you know. Ken Fuson’s life is an example of this. He was a brilliant writer, an award-winning reporter. But, by his own admission, for much of his life he did not live wisely. Not until he became a follower of Jesus did he begin to see and live life through the prism of the gospel. Only then did he see the immensity of his need – our need – for a Savior and of the sufficiency of Jesus and His grace to do for him – for us – what we can never do for ourselves. To see ourselves as God sees us and to embrace with our hearts what He has done for us is one of the essential characteristics of biblical wisdom.

Be Wise for Salvation– Follow Jesus

Faith in Jesus doesn’t automatically make you wise regarding all the issues of life. You can believe in Jesus and still be an infant with respect to a life of wisdom. But faith in Jesus does make you wise for salvation. It makes you wise for eternal life. It really doesn’t matter what else you know, how much understanding you have of how to weather the storms of this life, or how great you are at solving complex problems.

If you don’t know Jesus – if you do not trust in Him alone as He is offered to you in the gospel, if you do not receive Him as your Savior and Lord – you will miss out on what is most important in the end. Which is why, from the perspective of God’s Word, you cannot be truly wise without knowing Jesus, who is, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:30, “wisdom from God.”

Pastor Neil has a lot more to say on this subject. Please click on the link below to hear the entire sermon.


May 17, 2020

James 1:5-8; 3:13-18

Dr. Neil Smith

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