In this sermon, Pastor Neil concludes his series on the Holy Spirit, as he explains the fruit of the Spirit and its manifestation in our character. Here are some excerpts:

You Cannot Produce It on Your Own

Don’t ever think that you can produce the fruit of the Spirit in your life by your own efforts. If you could, they wouldn’t be called the fruit of the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who produces this fruit in your life and mine. You can’t produce it on your own, but you can either block the growth of the fruit of the Spirit in your life, or you can contribute to its growth and development by daily yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. The cultivation of these qualities that define a Christ-like character, is dependent on a living, growing relationship between us and God. Between you and God.

Dependence on a Relationship with God

  • It is a relationship that begins with God and His grace that comes free of charge topeople who don’t deserve it and never will.
  • A relationship that requires a personal response of faith on your part and mine.
  • It is a relationship that, once begun, can grow only as you surrender daily to the leading of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to do His work of transformation and sanctification (which is the process of making us holy or Christ-like in character).
  • A relationship that requires obedience to God and His will revealed in the Bible. As Terry Fullam said: “The fruit of the Spirit grows only in the garden of obedience.”
  • It is a relationship in which, over time – over a lifetime – the Holy Spirit can produce His fruit in you as you allow the Spirit to fill you and shape you and guide you.

It is Not Magic!

The fruit of the Spirit doesn’t magically appear in a person’s life overnight. It takes time for fruit to mature, whether we’re talking about apples or oranges or the fruit of the Spirit. “It takes time, a long time,” as John Stott says, “to produce a ripe Christian character. The Holy Spirit is not in a hurry” (Baptism and Fullness, 83)…

June 17, 2018

Galations 5:16-26

Dr. Neil Smith

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