In this sermon, part of Pastor Neil’s series on the fruit of the spirit, Pastor Neil talks about the fruit of faithfulness. Here are some excerpts:

Faithfulness Matters to God

The Bible makes it clear that faithfulness matters to God. God values faithfulness. Having drawn us to Himself and saved us by His grace, God calls us to be faithful to Him. As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:2: “It is required of those who have been given a trust that they be faithful.”

God Expects Faithfulness

In several places in the Gospels, such as Matthew 24 (the warning to be ready when Jesus returns), Matthew 25 (the Parable of the Talents), Luke 12, and Luke 19 (the Parable of the Minas), Jesus highlights the importance of being fully engaged in the work we have been given by God. Those who are attentive to the responsibilities and privileges and opportunities given to them by God will be commended by God and rewarded for their faithfulness. God expects us to be faithful in His service, so that the promised return of Jesus will not catch us unprepared.

God loves faithfulness. He wants us to be faithful to Him in what we believe, what we preach and teach, and the way we live as followers of Jesus. He calls us to stay true to His Word and His way when we’re tempted to turn aside or compromise or cave in to fit in or go along with the crowd, when the crowd is going in the wrong direction.

President Teddy Roosevelt once said: “It is better to be faithful than to be famous.” Yes. Better to be faithful than popular. Or rich. Or powerful.

Cultivate the Fruit of The Spirit

Like the Marines, God is looking for a few good men and women and young people – more than just a few, actually! He wants people of Christlike character and conviction and courage, people intent on cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in all its varieties, people who will be faithful to Him not just in the short term, but over the long haul. Are you one of these people?

Semper fi. Always faithful. You know as well as I do that, as with the Marines, not every Christian lives up to this motto. Not every church member is always faithful. Nor, sad to say, is every pastor or Christian leader. We all fall short. Not every servant is faithful and wise, diligently devoted to the Lord’s will. Sometime our agendas get in the way of God’s agenda. We easily get preoccupied with our own reputations and interests. It is not hard for us to get off track.

Would God say that you and I seek to live semper fi?

Pastor Neil has a lot more to say about this topic. Please click on the link below to see and hear the sermon in its entirety.

February 6, 2022

1 Corinthians 4: 1-5

Dr. Neil Smith

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