In this sermon, Pastor Neil asks, “Who was Christ?” He was and is the Son of God and Savior of sinners, truly and fully God, and truly and fully man. Here are some excerpts:

Who was Christ?

Most of you are probably familiar with the famous quote by C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity to the effect that Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or the Son of God. I want to leave you today with a different but similar quote from a more contemporary source, one that may surprise you. This is from Paul David Hewson, who is better known as Bono, the lead singer of the Irish band U2. Here is what he has said about Jesus:

“I think a defining question for a Christian is: Who was Christ? And I don’t think you’re let off easily by saying a great thinker or a great philosopher, because actually He went around saying He was the Messiah. That’s why He was crucified. He was crucified because He said He was the Son of God. So, He either, in my view, He was the Son of God, or He was … nuts. Forget rock ‘n’ roll messianic complexes, this is like Charlie Manson type delirium. And I find it hard to accept that millions and millions of lives, half the earth, for two thousand yearshave been touched, have felt their lives touched and inspired by some nutter.”

Jesus, The Messiah

One thing I know: Jesus was no “nutter.” Jesus did not suffer from a messianic complex; He was and is the Messiah, the Christ. He was a prophet, but more than a prophet. More than a good man, more than a godly man, more than a great teacher or philosopher. He was and is the Son of God and Savior of sinners, truly and fully God, and truly and fully man. He is the central figure in all of history. His “one solitary life” has made more difference in the world than the rest of the world’s most powerful people put together. What you believe about Him and what you do with Him – or, I should say, what you let Him do with your life –will matter more than anything else.

February 17, 2019

Matthew 16:13-16

Dr. Neil Smith

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