In this sermon, Pastor Neil talks about the divine ancestry of Christ Jesus, who came into the world to save us from our sins. Here are some excerpts:

Divine Ancestry

Ultimately, though, Jesus was God’s Son. Unlike anyone else who ever lived, Jesus has a divine Ancestry DNA. He is not only truly and fully human. He is truly and fully God. It is, in the words of David Platt, “the most extraordinary miracle in the whole Bible” and “the most remarkable mystery in the whole universe” (Platt, Exalting Jesus in Matthew, 17).

Let the mystery and the miracle sink in this Christmas.

He Came to Save Us

And remember why Jesus came. In 1978, a seven-year-old boy slipped off a wharf and fell into the Prairie River in Canada. At least a dozen adults saw him struggle in the water for a few moments before he drowned. But no one jumped in to save him. Why? Just upstream was a plant that dumped raw sewage right into the river. People knew the river was polluted, dangerously hazardous to your health. So nobody jumped in to try to save the drowning boy.

It may seem at times as if God is like those onlookers standing on the wharf of the Prairie River. You may feel like God is saying: “I’m not jumping into the mess of your life until you get out of the putrid river. Clean up your act first, and then I’ll accept you and love you.”

Christ Jesus Heals

But that is exactly what God is not like. He did not and does not wait for us to clean ourselves up and fix what’s wrong with us. He took the initiative in His mercy and grace to jump into the rotten, polluted, sin-infested river of our lives, in order to rescue us from the mess of sin, sorrow, and brokenness we have made of this life. God sent His Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, to die for us. To bring us back into a right relationship with Him. To clean us up and heal our brokenness. (Adapted from Matt Woodley, “The Christmas Plunge,”

He did this for you. He did this for me…

December 24, 2018

Matthew 1:18-25

Dr. Neil Smith

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