In this series of sermons on spiritual gifts, our founding pastor, W. Graham Smith, preaches on the apostolic gift– the gift of missions. Here are some excerpts:

“…For years Christians have spoken of the missionary “call.” Increasingly today we speak of the missionary “gift” which involves communicating the Gospel from one culture to another. Also, Christians are more and more identifying the missionary gift with the apostolic gift…”

The Meaning of the Apostolic Gift

“…[L]inguistically “apostle” and “missionary” mean exactly the same thing — the “missionary—apostle” is a “person commissioned and sent forth by Christ.”…”

“Did the gift die out, or is it a continuing gift today? Perhaps the answer is “yes” to both questions. In its restricted usage, the office has finished; in its broader meaning, the gift is still operative. Officially the apostolate ended with the Twelve; unofficially, the apostolic gift continues throughout the centuries and down to today as the missionary gift…”

What Paul Says About the Apostolic Gift

“Listen to what Paul says in writing to the Corinthian church (1 Corinthians 9:1-3): “I am an apostle, God’s messenger, responsible to no mere man. I am one who has actually seen Jesus our Lord with my own eyes. And your changed lives are the result of my hard work for Him. If in the opinion of others, I am not an apostle, I certainly am to you, for you have been won to Christ through me. This is my answer to those who question my rights…”

The Missionary Gift

“And so, we may conclude that the missionary gift is the continuing function of the apostleship. And through the 20 centuries of Christian history, as well as today, many of God’s gifted servants have been, and are, true apostles by being missionaries to other lands and cultures…”


The Apostolic Gift. Graham has a lot more to say about this topic. If you would like to learn more, please download and read the attached transcript of the sermon, as the above excerpts do not even scratch the surface. If you would like to do a word search on the transcript, download the file, and then open the file with your web browser after downloading and use your browser’s find feature.


May 29, 1988

Ephesians 4:7,11

Rev. W. Graham Smith

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