In this sermon, Youth Director Mike Bittenbender preaches on the 2nd Commandment, “You shall not make for yourselves an idol.” Here is an excerpt:

Idols in Our Culture

Paul says Athens was filled with gods and idols on every street corner/ What is that in comparison today? What are our culture’s idols? Our culture offers us many idols. Sex, alcohol, money, power, and pleasure are constantly being shoved in our faces as things to lust after, to dedicate your life to attaining. When asking what our values are as a society, one only need to look at the media we consume to find the answer.

Our Cultural Values

Our cultural values can be seen in the media that we consume. The TV, movies, music, social media are all places where we find what’s important to our culture. Walt Mueller, a Youth Worker who runs the Center for Parent Youth Understanding says that the media being consumed in our culture is both a mirror and a map, it is both reflective and directive. He says “Media tells us how to live in the world. It maps out life for us. This is especially true for impressionable and growing children and teens. As a mirror, it reflects back to us what the prevailing cultural ideals, values, and worldviews currently are.”

The Media Today

So looking at media today, images of materialism, sexual indulgence, personal power fill everything we see and hear. Companies all over the world are trying to crack the code for how to capture our attention, our interest, our money, our time,  and our commitment. They all want to make sure that their product, is our idol.

So there are two different ways that we put idols first: one with making images of God  that are not God, and putting other things before Him in our time, affection and influence. So  what? What’s so bad?

Some Things to Remember…

Some things to remember about where we put our affection, time and influence is that things are temporary, God is forever. Things, burn, God will do the burning; they will lie to you, God is truth. Things will disappoint you, God is faithful. Things will control you, God loves you. And therefore He brings you out of slavery, slavery to sin, out of the grave, and into life with Him.

June 24, 2018

Exodus 20:2, 4-6

Mr. Mike Bittenbender

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