In this sermon, Pastor Chris talks about the Christmas Story and the ordinary people who came to see the extraordinary baby– the Lord Jesus.  Here are some excerpts:

The Christmas Story You Know

Friends you know the Christmas story. If you have grown up in this church or any other church you know Christmas time is the season for carols, pine wreaths, and pageants.
You know this is the season when we tell this story of the birth of Jesus with passionate songs and flickering candles.
You know this is the season for gifts, and wise men, and extended family you see only once a year….maybe for good reason.

Pondering The Christmas Story

Yet today, two days after Christmas, have you pondered all these things in your heart?
Every person in this story is normal. Even Joseph had to pay taxes. How much more normal could that be than paying taxes and visiting relatives, for a young couple to find themselves in a complicated situation around pregnancy?

How much normal could it be to be doing a hard thankless job out in the middle of nowhere away from family or friends to earn your living like the Shepherds did. Or How much more normal could it be to finding faithful men and women widows, and widowers, interceding to God on behalf of the future generation. And how normal it is for older adults to delight in seeing newborn baby.

But of course the question you need to ponder this morning is not the normal things about normal people doing a normal life at least for Bible times.

The Ordinary Pieces of The Story

What we need to ponder about is the extra ordinary pieces of this story. A story that, including chapter one, includes dreams, visions, prophecy, three angelic appearances, two miraculous births, and the fulfilment of multiple Old Testament prophecies.
Jesus, newly born baby Jesus, has not said a word by the end of chapter two. The most he has done giving his mom pain in childbirth, cried, nursed, soiled his diaper, and slept. Maybe by the end of chapter two he is cooing and awning but that’s about it.

But everything said about this baby and all the events surrounding this little baby cradled in his mother and fathers arms is not ordinary. It is extraordinary. It begs the question, did they all make this stuff up or is this baby really the Messiah, the one who would bring Joy to this world. Joy to the people 2000 years ago and joy to you and I today.

What you need to ponder is, is this baby actually that extraordinary. Is this baby really the Messiah? The one to bring peace to the whole world? Is he really the son of God, born of a virgin? Everything you have been hoping for, for the redemption of your life?

Friends, we need to ask our selves and ponder, like ordinary Mary did, is this extraordinary baby and the stories surrounding even his birth, worthy of believing in.
And if they are, are we willing to run like shepherds to meet him and proclaim what we have seen and heard to everyone we meet.

Pastor Christ has a lot more to say about this topic. Please click on the link below to hear the sermon in its entirety.

December 27, 2020

Luke 2:1-40

Rev. Chris Popadich

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