In this sermon, Pastor Neil preaches on the Feeding of the Five Thousand,” the miracles of Jesus and how we can apply this lesson in our own lives. Here are some excerpts:

The Miracles of Jesus– Don’t Miss Out

If you don’t see Jesus for who He really is, if you fail to acknowledge Him or believe in Him as both fully God and fully man (mysterious as that is), if you neglect or refuse to open your heart and surrender your life to Him in trusting faith, you will miss out on the power of Jesus – His miraculous power – to change hearts (including your own), to heal hurts, to change lives, to mend broken relationships, and, yes, to heal the sick, to feed the hungry, provide for the needy, and generally do things that are humanly impossible.

As I have said before: Jesus. Makes. Things. Happen. Do you believe that? The disciples of Jesus were slow to believe. It took them a while to come around.

Three Rules We Can Apply

Out in the boonies with that huge crowd, they had no idea what Jesus could and would do. They thought the only solution was to send the people away to find food for themselves. As we have seen, Jesus had a different idea. Here are three simple rules we can learn and apply to our lives as followers of Jesus’

1.  Start with what you have.

You may not feel like you have much to offer. On this occasion, all the disciples could come up with were five barley loaves and two small fish. Not much in the grand scheme of things.

2. Give what you have to Jesus.

Henrietta Mears was a single woman who had an impactful ministry in California for more than 30 years. You may have never heard of her. She once said: “Serving God with our little is the way to make it more; and we must never think that wasted with which God is honored or people are blest” (H. Mears, Dream Big). We’re not a big church. We don’t have all the resources (human and otherwise) that a lot of bigger churches have. The disciples didn’t have much. But they gave what they had to Jesus and He used it – He multiplied it – to feed the multitudes. Let’s give what we have to Jesus. All of it. All of ourselves. Give what you have to Jesus.

3. Do what Jesus says.

The disciples may not have known what Jesus was going to do, but they did what He told them to do. They got the crowd to sit down in groups, then they passed out the bread and fish, and Jesus made them part of the miracle. (Adapted from Warren Wiersbe, Matthew: Be Loyal, 95.)

Maybe there is a miracle God wants to make you part of, to make us part of, to make our church part of. Maybe there are ways (I know there are!) in which He wants us to display His compassion to others and to one another. You know, CIA. Maybe there are ways, too, in which He wants to display His wonder-working power in us or among us or through us in order to make His true identity known to people who do not yet know Him.

Do you think this is possible? I do. It may seem unlikely or even impossible to you. But what is impossible for us when we depend on our own wisdom and strength and resources is Himpossible with God.

The miracles of Jesus. Pastor Neil has much more to say about this topic. Please click on the link below to hear the sermon in its entirety.

August 8, 2021

Matthew 14: 13-21

Dr. Neil Smith

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