In this sermon, one of a series, our founding pastor, W. Graham Smith, talks about how to discover your spiritual gifts.  Here are some excerpts:

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

“…How can you know what gifts God has given you? Can you follow certain procedures to discover your spiritual gifts? Indeed, you can, and in fact God expects you to discern them. Our heavenly Father doesn’t play “hide and seek” with His children. He wants you to see yourself as He sees you…”

“The search begins with FAITH.

“…[N]ot only must you have saving faith in Christ, you must also believe that you are indeed a gifted person; you must have faith that God has given you a spiritual gift. Some Christians think this is too good to be true. They see spiritual gifts as special rewards for the spiritual elite. But this is not so.  At the moment you become a Christian you receive at least one spiritual gift. 1 Peter 4:10 says, “As each one has received a spiritual gift, employ it in serving one another.” You see, God wants you to be an instrument, not an ornament…”

Faith inevitably leads to PRAYER.

“…As you seek to discover, develop and use your particular gift or gifts, you must constantly pray that God will indeed reveal your gift to you, and then lead you into appropriate avenues of service…”

Explore the Possibilities

  • Study the Bible…
  • Read the sermons we have preached on the subject…
  • Get to know gifted people. Talk to Christian friends…
  • Make spiritual gifts a conversation piece…
  • Attend a spiritual gifts seminar…”

Experiment with as many gifts as you can…

Examine your feelings

Evaluate your effectiveness…

Expect confirmation from your fellow believers within the Body of Christ…

“May the Lord richly bless you as you make your search.”


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Graham has a lot more to say about this topic. If you would like to learn more, please download and read the attached transcript of the sermon, as the above excerpts do not even scratch the surface. If you would like to do a word search on the transcript, download the file, and then open the file with your web browser after downloading and use your browser’s find feature.

August 28, 1988

1 Peter 4:10 and 1 Timothy 4:14

Rev. W. Graham Smith

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