In this sermon, guest preacher Jim Byrne urges us to be grateful, to always maintain an attitude of gratitude, regardless of our circumstances. Here are some excerpts:

The Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19)

This group of ten [lepers] were thrown together, but they hurt. Then they saw the Master, Jesus. When he was in range, they shouted to Him. Please help. Have mercy. Master Jesus, have mercy. The reason they said Mercy was this because if you had leprosy in those days, the belief was you deserved that physical illness, that it was a direct result of your sin or your family’s sin. So no one had pity on them. They were viewed as outcasts, to be removed from society—the belief was that they got what they deserved.

Jesus did have pity on them. He told them to go back to the priests and get evaluated. Do what the law says. So they went to the priest and they were healed. Why did the other nine not return to Jesus? What was going through the minds of the nine? Were they thinking that they didn’t really have a bad case? What was going through the minds of the nine that stopped them from thanking Jesus as opposed to the one Samaritan who came back? Let us not be surprised.

Aren’t We Like the Nine Lepers?

Are we surprised? We do the same thing. God gives us an answer to prayer and then we forget it. God gives us a blessing. We’re worried to death about work. We’re worried to death about all that’s going on in life. Statistically, they say that 8 percent of the things we worry about happen 8 percent of the time. That’s a one out of 10. Why do we worry? Because we don’t believe God. When God answers our prayers, we forget God. We think of God in the foxhole. When we’re out of the foxhole, we forget God. I’m just telling you what happens with me because this is what I do. Always have an attitude of gratitude.

Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

The Lord Jesus Christ raised me and saved me from a life of sin and death. He rescued me from my sin, my bad choices. He knows all about me and pulled me up, but yet I go through my life like the nine, forgetting Him, complaining and whining about the things we’d all like instead of believing that God has blessed us more than ever before….

July 29, 2018

Luke 17:11-19, Thessalonians 5:18

Rev. Jim Byrne

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