Pastor Neil continues his series on what God wants. Last week, he talked about how God wants us to seek justice, today, how God wants us to love mercy. Here are some excerpts:

What God Wants

Justice is not the only thing God cares about. It is not the only thing God wants. The second thing God wants of us, says Micah, is to “love mercy” (6:8). The word translated “‘mercy” in verse 8 is the Hebrew word hesed, which is used something like 250 times in the Old Testament. It is sometimes translated as “steadfast love” or “loyalty” or “covenant faithfulness.” No matter how you translate it, it speaks of an essential quality in a God- pleasing life.

What it Means to Love Mercy

To love mercy, simply put, is to make mercy a way of life. That God is merciful to sinners is beyond question. As David says in Psalm 103:

The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.
He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor pay us back in full for our wrongs. (Psalm 103:8, 10, NIV, MSG)

That is the essence of mercy: God doesn’t treat us the way we deserve to be treated because of our sins. If it were not for God’s mercy, you and I would have absolutely no hope of salvation. But God. Is. Merciful. God. Is. Gracious. In Christ – through His saving work on our behalf, because Jesus took the punishment we deserve upon Himself – God treats us better than we deserve. In His amazing grace, which comes free of charge to people who don’t deserve it and never will (like us), God showers us with mercies, the Bible says, that are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23)…

Walk Humbly

Micah says there is one more thing: God wants us to walk humbly with Him. We’ll have to come back to this. Not next Sunday but two weeks from today. Mike is going to preach next Sunday, which is his last official Sunday before he steps down as our Youth Director. I hope you will join us for Worship next Sunday.

Justice. Mercy. Humility before God. These are three essential qualities of a God-pleasing life.

Pastor Neil has much more to say about this topic. Please click on the link below to hear the entire sermon.


June 21, 2020

Micah 6:8

Dr. Neil Smith

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