In this sermon, part of the series on the fruit of the spirit, Pastor Smith talks about the fruit of peace. He talks about “peace blockers”– worry, envy, and unforgiveness, as well as Bea’s story, a woman who found peace in knowing Jesus. Here are some excerpts:

Bea’s Story– Found Peace

After more than a century of life without knowing God, in the last week of her earthly life, days after being revived following the heart attack that stopped her heart, Bea said yes to Jesus and the gospel. She found peace with God. Just in time. She told Mary Sue’s friends: “I get it! I get it! God is so wonderful!” Which He is. On March 25, Bea was ushered into the loving presence of her Savior and ours. I tell you this story for three reasons:

God is Patient and Persevering

First, because it speaks to the patient, persevering, prevailing love of God for sinners like Bea and you and me. The Hound of Heaven loved and pursued Bea for 100 years, until she accepted the gift of salvation and peace with Him.

Life on Earth Eventually Comes to an End

Second, Bea’s story is a reminder that even if you live to be 100 or more, the day will come when your life on earth is over, and you will meet God face to face. Few of us will live as long as Bea did. No one is guaranteed to live that long. So, there is an urgency about saying yes to Jesus, about believing the gospel and receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life, because you don’t know when it will be too late, just as it was finally too late for Jerusalem. God gave Bea almost 102 years. But you and I can’t count on that. Just think about Dwayne Haskins and his tragic death at the age of 24.

The Power of Love

Third, Bea’s story illuminates the beauty and power of love. Not only God’s love for sinners, but the love of friends who know and love Jesus, and their loving concern not only for Bea’s earthly comfort but also her eternal destiny and their desire for her salvation.

May You Find Peace in Christ

Maybe there is someone in your life who needs to be loved with that kind of love. Maybe there is someone in whose life God wants to use you to help them “get” the gospel like Bea did. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Don’t. Give. Up. You never know when that “someone” will “get it” as Bea did, and say yes to Jesus.

By God’s grace, Bea found and experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Nothing compares with this peace that God gives to those who trust in Him. My prayer is that you may have peace with God and know the peace of God in your life today and always.

April 10, 2022

Luke 19: 28-44 & Philippians 4: 4-9

Dr. Neil Smith

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