In this sermon, Pastor Neil urges us to go forward in witness, to be, to think, and to act like an ambassador for Christ. Here are some excerpts:

The Great Commission

We have been given the task of introducing others to the Savior. We have been commissioned to tell others about who God is and the wonderful things He has done for us. The message of the gospel – the message of salvation, of forgiveness, of peace with God, of reconciliation with God and one another – has been entrusted to us. Personally and communally. This message must be communicated in words as well as actions.

Saved and Sent

God, in His great grace, saves us. And then He sends us out. He sends us out. Once we belong to Him, He wants to use us to reach others with the gospel. Which means we cannot be content just to sit in our pews and sing our worship songs and hymns and listen to asermon Sunday after Sunday and attend our Bible studies and small groups. We’ve got to get the salt out of the saltshaker and into the world.

A witness has got to be a witness. An ambassador for Christ has got to represent Christ and His message to the world.


Think of the movement of the gospel. Jesus came to us in the fullness of time to do for us on the cross what we could never do for ourselves. Having come to us and died for us, Jesus says: “Come to me.” When we come to Him and receive the gift of salvation, Jesus says:“Go. Go into the world to preach the gospel and to make disciples. You are my witnesses, myambassadors.” So He sends us out. We go in His name, and we invite the people He puts in our path to come to Him in faith, in the same way that we, by His grace, came to Him.

Think and Act Like an Ambassador for Christ

For this to have any impact in our lives, we’ve got to think like witnesses. We’ve got to think like ambassadors. We need to be on the lookout for people God places in our path with whomwe can share the gospel message. It doesn’t have to be all at once. But it needs to be done. We need to be intentional about seeking and seizing opportunities to tell others about Jesus and the difference that knowing Him has made in our lives; to think like witnesses to the gospel. We need to think like ambassadors who represent the Lord Jesus Christ. And then we need to act.

September 16, 2018

2 Corinthians 5:17 - 6:2

Dr. Neil Smith

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