In this sermon, our founding pastor, W. Graham Smith preaches from the Book of Daniel Chapter 6– “A King’s Dilemma,” contrasting King Darius’ dilemma in saving Daniel with God’s dilemma in saving us through Christ Jesus. Here are some excerpts:

A King’s Dilemma

“From Genesis to Revelation the Word of God teaches with crystal clarity that God’s law cannot be broken with impunity. God says through Ezekiel, another of His prophets, that “the soul that sins shall die.” (Ezekiel l8:4). As sinners, we incur the penalty of our law-breaking, which is death…”

“Now, of course, King Darius was in a king’s dilemma because his decree was immoral. He had no business demanding that people worship him at all; and Daniel was acting morally in disobeying such an edict, and in continuing to worship the living and true God…”

God’s Dilemma

“But God’s holy laws are not immoral; they are the expression of His own moral perfection. Who would want to live in a universe created and governed by a God Who was anything less than morally perfect? And because He is “righteous in all His ways” (Psalm 145:17), He has a right to expect us, His creatures, to be like Him; and if we are not, there is a penalty to be paid: “The soul that sins shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4)…”

“Now herein lies God’s dilemma: He is holy but He loves His creation. That same Psalm 145 that says “The Lord is righteous in all His ways,” then says, “and He is loving toward all He has made.” But how can God be righteous and just and holy and at the same time spare those who have broken His law?…”


A King’s Dilemma. Graham has a lot more to say about this topic. If you would like to learn more, please download and read the attached transcript of the sermon, as the above excerpts do not even scratch the surface. If you would like to do a word search on the transcript, download the file, and then open the file with your web browser after downloading and use your browser’s find feature.

A King’s Dilemma

May 15, 1988

Daniel 6:15, 16

Rev. W. Graham Smith

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