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Sermons From Our Worship Services - 2016


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 Sermons 2016

Date  Scripture  Sermon Title  By
January 3 Matthew 2:1-12 WORSHIP THE NEWBORN KING Dr. David Fischler
 January 10 Romans 3:21-31 BUT NOW:  THE TRIUMPH OF GRACE  Dr. Neil Smith
January 17  Romans 4:1-17  AN ILLUSTRATION OF FAITH  Dr. Neil Smith
 January 31  Romans 4:18-25 BELIEVING IN HOPE  Dr. Neil Smith
 February 7 Matthew 17:1-9  MOUNTAINS AND VALLEYS Dr. David Fischler
 February 10  Matthew 6:1-18  SPIRIT OF THE DISCIPLINES  Dr. David Fischler
 February 14  Romans 5:1-5  THE BENEFITS OF GRACE  Dr. Neil Smith
 February 21  Romans 5:1-5  THE BENEFITS OF GRACE:  REJOICING IN HOPE   Dr. Neil Smith
February 28 Romans 5:1-5 THE BENEFITS OF GRACE:  JOY IN SUFFERING Dr. Neil Smith
March 6 Romans 5:6-11 THE BENEFITS OF GRACE:  SAVED FROM GOD'S WRATH Dr. Neil Smith
March 20 Luke 23:1-49 OUR ROLE IN THE PASSION Dr. David Fischler
March 24 John 13:1-17 IN THE UPPER ROOM Dr. Neil Smith
March 27 Matthew 27:57-66; 28:1-10 THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING Dr. Neil Smith
April 3 Romans 5:12-21 A MATTER OF DEATH AND LIFE Dr. Neil Smith
April 10 Romans 6:1-14 DEAD AND ALIVE Dr. Neil Smith
April 17 Luke 24:13-35 IN THE FACE OF DOUBT Dr. David Fischler
April 24 Romans 6:1-7 WHAT ABOUT BAPTISM? Dr. Neil Smith
May 1 Isaiah 58:1-2 A WAKE UP CALL Dr. Neil Smith
May 8 Romans 6:15-23 FREEDOM THROUGH SURRENDER Dr. Neil Smith
May 15 Romans 7:1-6 THE MARRIAGE ANALOGY Dr. Neil Smith
May 22 Romans 7:7-25 STRUGGLES OF A SAINT Dr. Neil Smith
May 29 Psalm 46:1-11 OUR FORTRESS, OUR STRENGTH Dr. David Fischler
June 5 Romans 7:14-25 HOPE IN THE STRUGGLE Dr. Neil Smith
June 12 Romans 8:1-4 NO CONDEMNATION Dr. Neil Smith
June 19 Psalm 32:1-11 BLESSED IS THE ONE Dr. David Fischler
June 26 Psalm 13:1-6 HOW LONG, O LORD? Dr. David Fischler
July 10 Romans 12:9-21 LIFE IN THE SPIRIT (1) Dr. Neil Smith
July 17 Romans 8:5-17 LIVE LIKE A BELIEVER Dr. Neil Smith
July 24 Romans 8:12-17 WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST Dr. Neil Smith
July 31 Psalm 23:1-6 THE GREAT SHEPHERD Dr. David Fischler
August 7 Psalm 3:1-8 OUR SHIELD AND OUR SALVATION Dr. David Fischler
August 14 Romans 8:18-27 SUFFERING BEFORE GLORY Dr. Neil Smith
August 21 Romans 8:28-39 IF GOD IS FOR US Dr. Neil Smith
August 28 Romans 8:31-39 IF GOD IS FOR US (2) Dr. Neil Smith
September 4 Romans 9:1-9 WHAT ABOUT THE JEWS? Dr. Neil Smith
September 11 Romans 9:6-16 WHAT ABOUT THE JEWS (2)? Dr. Neil Smith
September 18 Jeremiah 23:1-6 THE KING, OUR SAVIOR Dr. David Fischler
October 2 Romans 9:14-33 SOVEREIGN IN SALVATION Dr. Neil Smith
October 9 Romans 9:22-33 SURPRISED BY GRACE Dr. Neil Smith
October 16 Romans 10:1-13 HOW TO BE SAVED Dr. Neil Smith
October 30 Psalm 146:1-10 WHAT'S A CHRISTIAN TO DO? Dr. Neil Smith
November 6 Matthew 5:1-12 BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED Dr. David Fischler
November 13 Romans 10:14-21 WHY WITNESSING MATTERS Dr. Neil Smith
November 20 Romans 10:13-21 LET THOSE WHO KNOW Dr. Neil Smith
December 4 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 UNTIL HE COMES Dr. Neil Smith
December 11 Luke 2:21-35 SIMEON'S SONG Dr. Neil Smith